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November 11, 2018 2 min read



Exercising is not always about what or why we exercise.  It is also about how we perform the exercises and how we recover from them.  Planning and preparation are a part of everyday life. When we embark on our fitness regime, especially those new to exercising, it is crucial to adopt the rituals for developing your muscles to join forces in preparation for your daily activities in whatever environment you are in – home, work, sport or other.  To prepare for our best Black Friday purchases, have a look at the great fitness and recovery products to support you on your journey!

Take, for example, doing squats using the resistance bands on the Grovit online store.  The resistance bands support you in maintaining a good form while you do your squats, especially the wider range of muscles you would activate by using your own body weight – no shortcuts here!

Another way of keeping fit is strength training which has been designed to enhance your muscular strength and endurance, to burn excess body fat, and overall, to provide physical, mental and emotional wellbeing benefits.  The Grovit horizontal chin-upbar supports up to 100KG and are a great way to strengthen the latissimus dorsi which is the largest muscle in the upper body. 

The wooden exercise gymnastic rings in our Grovit online store are another way to boost that strength and develop more stability because you must learn to stabilise the rings while at the same time keeping your body steady.  It takes strength, determination, concentration and practice, but well worth the effort!

The Grovit high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a technique where you give it all you’ve got through quick, intense blasts of exercise followed by short recovery periods.  HIIT keeps your heart rate up while burning fat or calories in less time and is fantastic for developing strength and endurance in the lower body, hamstrings and hip flexors.

We all know what it feels like to have those stiff muscles or even muscles you didn’t know existed before the workout!  The benefits of recovery are pivotal to your body and your motivation to continue your journey.

Using our Grovit Foam Rollersis sort of like giving yourself a deep tissue massage. Rolling over the different parts of your body helps to break down adhesions in your muscles and connective tissue, increasing the blood flow to your muscles and speeding up the healing and recovery.  Grovit has a selection of hollow, high density, trigger point, and EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) hard-wearing firm heat-sealed foam rollers. The foam rollers are designed to enhance balance, strengthen the core, back stabilisation, body awareness, muscle re-education, flexibility, and dynamic strength. 

If you want quality, variety, design and style, head to our Grovit Online Storenow for your ‘Black Friday’ great offers on our full range of portable Recovery and Fitness Equipment to cover all your fitness needs.  Remember, there’s no time like the present – that’s why it’s called “a gift”.