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November 11, 2018 2 min read



NOW is always the best time to start getting into your fitness, health and wellbeing.  Just because we are ‘working out’ we canstill lookandfeel greatin what wewearand the accessorieswe use help us along the way.  In other words, you want to feel comfortable while looking fantastic!  To prepare for the best Black Friday purchases, check out our clothing range and accessories, the choice is yours.

Activewear/ apparel is a blend of different pieces such as t-shirts, shorts, leggings, jackets, yoga pants, socks, shoes to name a few.  The type of fabric is very important in activewear to allow for ease of movement in, for example, yoga and stretching while quick dry workout shorts provide comfort by avoiding build-up of sweat for running and other types of physical workouts.

It’s important to make sure that the apparel you choose can stand the test of time in regular washing because we generally throw them in the washing machine after a workout! Make sure the fabric is breathable or sweat wicking which means you stay dry, and that it has the right amount of ‘give’ or ‘stretch’ so that you remain flexible in your workouts!  Take our Women’s Apparel Premium SHHH T-shirt -so soft and light and pre-shrunk 100% cotton that you will want to wear over and over.  Or the Women’s High Waisted Fitness Leggings and Fitness Quick Dry Shorts.


Let’s not forget about the Men’s Apparel Range!  Take the three-piece Men’s Compression Training Set – when wearing this compression apparel, muscle soreness and fatigue is reduced during and after working out without feeling as tired.  Also, in the Men’s Apparel Range are the Breathable Training T-shirts made from high quality cotton and designed with breathable holes. As the old saying goes, ‘made to deliver, built to last’!

What about the Clothing Accessoriesto accompany the Apparel?  There are a lot of ‘much needed essentials. A great start is the Multifunction Training Bag – easy to use and carry for the gym and/or travelling allowing for a maximum carry load. What about a Waterproof Foldable Backpack or Waterproof Sport Bag – both will keep your belongings completely dry. The foldable backpack folds back into itself so perfect for travelling and hiking!  Then we have the Compression Running Socks which are breathable and non-slip, or the Invisible Bamboo Socks made with a gel strip to eliminate sock slippage or the Non-Slip Yoga Head Band – breathable and sweat absorbent. The list goes on!

If you want quality, variety, design and style, head to our Grovit Online Storenow for your ‘Black Friday’ essentials to view our full range of Women’s and Men’s Clothing and Accessories.  Activewear is what we do. The choice is yours!