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October 19, 2018 2 min read

Yoga certainly isn’t something new. The evolution of yoga can be traced back to
over 5,000 years ago in India. Over time, the practical benefits of yoga have had such a positive impact on various diseases (high blood pressure, physical injuries, chronic pain etc).

For quite some time now, yoga has taken root in the West which has resulted in the many different practices and teachings. The mind-body-spirit connection is at the core or heart of yoga. The word yoga is Sanskrit for ‘union’ to join, or to unite. Today, many types of yoga are practiced around the world such as kundalini, ashtanga, vinyasa and hatha etc.

Unlike other forms of exercise known as aerobic, strength, balance, resistance, flexibility etc, yoga exercises are called asanas. Because of the mind-body-spirit connection, yoga is a combination of physical poses such as improving balance, flexibility, or strength; the breath which has a positive effect on our mental, emotional, and physical state, and for ‘being present’; and meditation or relaxation for lowering stress and calming the mind from intruding

There are so many positive benefits for doing yoga, and the different types of
yoga give you a variety to develop some of your own unique routines and rituals!
Take ‘chair yoga’ – great for people with limited mobility, or even if you just want to take 5 and practice some of these asanas at work! Some people perform their yoga asanas in the privacy of their homes, or book into regular classes (a good way to meet other like-minded people).

It’s a good idea to attend classes (for as long as it takes you) to perfect the various asanas and receive the full benefit of the different sequences in yoga poses. There are many professional athletes engaged in different areas of sport and endurance who use yoga to adjust or correct muscular imbalances, to prevent overuse injuries, and to just maintain a healthy body and keep the mind strong and alert.

Compared to the very beginnings of yoga, there are so many different accessories and props to support, provide comfort and enhance you in performing the asanas. For example, at Grovit, we have the Yoga Foam Bricks which help stabilise poses and make them more accessible to yogis of different abilities and body types.

We also sell the Round Foam Wrist and Elbow Mats which help to cushion pressure points and alleviate discomfort during exercise – important to help maintain motivation too! Non-Slip Yoga Socks, Yoga Trigger Point Balls, Yoga Exercise Core Balls, a large selection of Yoga Mats – and so
much more.

Whether you are already a seasoned yogi or just a beginner, our Grovit Shop has something for every yoga workout. If you want quality, support, comfort, variety, and design, head to our Grovit Shop now. Avoid excuses and get results now – the choice is yours!