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October 02, 2018 2 min read

Throughout time, our clothing, shoes and accessories is determined by whatever the occasion is.  Activewearis a blend of different pieces such as t-shirts, shorts, leggings, jackets, yoga pants, socks, shoes to name a few.  The type of fabric is very important in activewear to allow for ease of movement in, for example, yoga and stretching while quick dry workout shorts provide comfort by avoiding build-up of sweat for running and other types of physical workouts.

There is an abundance of activewear out there that can leave us wondering what is going to be the best brands, styles, shapes, patterns for my needs.  You want to make sure that what you choose absolutely serves the purpose for your workout while also ensuring that you can and want to look good!

A few“you need to…”.  

You need to consider activewear that can stand the test of time in regular washing because we generally throw them in the washing machine after a workout!  You need to consider what will fit and suit your body shape, and both females and males – we need the support where it counts!  You need to make sure that the fabric is breathable – sweat wicking – that draws the moisture from the body to the outside of the t-shirt, shorts, and so on.  You need toconsider if the activewear you buy stretches and does not obstruct your performance.  Can do I squats, lunges, push-ups, planks?

Today, activewear have also become a part of our everyday wear.  People wear their gym clothes, for example, shopping or picking the children up from school and not necessarily for even going to a gym!  So, what’s changed? I guess, people are finding activewear comfortable and stylish enough to venture beyond workouts. Just being in your activewearcan make you feel energetic like ‘you’re on a mission’ to somewhere for something!  

Whether its breathable, compression running socks, yoga pants, breathable mesh yoga shorts, high waisted leggings that don’t sag, eco friendly waterproof bags, sweatshirts, tank tops, quick dry shorts, lightweight jackets, and much more, just head to our Grovit Shop.  If you want quality, variety, design and style, head to our Grovit Shop for all your apparel needs regardless of your workout. Activewear is what we do. The choice is yours!