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September 20, 2018 1 min read


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a technique where you give it all you’ve got through quick, intense blasts of exercise followed by short recovery periods.  HIIT works to keep your heart rate up while burning fat or calories in less time.

Apart from burning fat, the HIIT Training Ladder is also fantastic for developing strength and endurance in the lower body, hamstrings and hip flexors.

The HIIT Training Ladder workouts are also great for homing in on the fast twitch muscles which generate far more power and strength, however fatigue much faster therefore requiring more time for recovery.

The HIIT Training Ladder also helps to build agility, and coordination for your body.  By improving your balance and flexibility, your body is more able to maintain a better posture and alignment during movement.  Overall, your body is more protected while moving quickly especially those sensitive areas such as shoulders, lower back and knees.

Using the HIIT Training Ladder is the solution for time-poor people as a typical session could take around 20 minutes!  No excuses needed, act now and get moving with your HIIT Training Ladder.  It’s portable, take it anywhere, and enjoy a variety of vistas while working out!

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