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October 03, 2018 2 min read

In a nutshell, a resistance band adds resistance for strength training.  Resistance bands can be great either for intense workouts or for injury prevention and rehabilitation.   As we begin to strengthen our muscles, we drive ourselves to work a little bit harder.

People of all ages and levels of fitness can greatly benefit from a resistance band workout as a lot of the exercises and stretches can be completed from a seated position.   

Because resistance bands are extremely portable, you can use them anywhere. The exercise bands fit easily into the small carry bag that we provide. You can use them at home, in the gym, when travelling or as part of an exercise class.

So how does the resistance work?  As the bands start to stretch, tension increases in our muscles which then cause them to contract.  This means that the stronger the resistance is, the harder the exercise becomes. It’s great for stretching and flexibility with a natural latex material.   So, how else can I use and get the best value out of the resistance bands?

Thinking of doing squats while teaching yourself to push out with your knees? Resistancehip bands are what you need.  If you want a great dynamic warmup, then wear the hip band above your knees and walk with long strides or while lunging.  Another great benefit to maximise your gains is adding the hip band to your lifting routine to help strengthen hip abductors and external rotators.

The elastic resistance band will tighten the abdominals while supporting the safe and beneficial practice of safe stretching. Apart from the abdominals, this 1.2m ban can exercise your, arms, legs and back and is highly rated for Yoga and Pilates exercises.  

Another member of the resistance bandfamily is the Strength Resistance Tube with a premium quality rubber latex that will not over-stretch.  It has over 30 different resistance levels depending on the handles being attached to the bands. The resistance tubes are perfect for Yoga, Pilates, general workouts and home-based strength training.

If you have tried everything from pills to heating pads and nothing seems to relieve that lower back pain, look no further than this superior lower back stretcher for pain-free days - the Glutes Waist Belt Pedal!   It’s made from thick foam, and the abdominal mat will help you dramatically improve your posture. It’s compact and lightweight and can easily be packed and carried with you at the office, on holiday or in the car, so you can have it with you everywhere you go! 

Other benefits of resistance bands include stretching which is fantastic for improving and maintaining flexibility and mobility.  The elastic resistance bands help to increase the range of motion while deepening the stretch as we slowly move the band toward or away from the body.  

 For any of the above resistance bands, visit our online Grovit shop for great deals, colours and sizes.   Become flexible, develop strength and enjoy your body for the health and fitness it deserves!