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November 07, 2018 2 min read

Some people may ask, ‘why do Ihave to exercise’?  It’s better to find an alternate question such as ‘why Iwant to exercise’?  Some responses may be to look better, to feel good, to have more confidence, to reduce injuries, to release some unwanted ‘padding’ around the body, etc.

 In the good old days, physical exertion was a part of everyday living. The washing machine wasn’t automatic – it was more than likely needing to ‘use your arms’, ‘bending/lifting’, and then walking a distance to the outside clothes line where you had to stretch up to begin pegging the clothes.  No ‘out of the automatic washing machine and into the automatic dryer’! House-cleaning took more physical effort – no ‘mod-cons’ in those days.

People worked physically hard in fields and other work places. By the time evening came, they had been through a variety of physical ‘workouts’!

Today we have so many gadgets and mod cons that our lifestyles, for some, have become more sedentary.  So, it becomes a case that a greater number of people think or feel they don’t need physical activity unless they make a choice to want to exercise. Rather than getting bogged down with your workout choices, just start by keeping the body moving in some way, shape or form.  Your workout choices will emerge regardless!

If all you can manage is walking, then walk with good shoes, grab a fitness tracker, have a good quality water bottle, cap, and breathable/cotton clothing.  If you want to exercise at home, then grab a yoga mat, some resistance bands, abdominal wheel, cross fit jump rope, etc.

Currently, even with all the mod cons, people are experiencing much more stressful lifestyles.  We are all being encouraged to exercise, eat better, drink more water, have more restorative sleep, reduce alcohol, quit smoking, etc. Even our governments have created ‘.org websites’ for the general public to lead more healthy lifestyles – now that saying something right there!

Our posture is important in so many ways.  Good posture provides support, balance and stability.  Use exercises that strengthen your core – the abdominal and low back muscles. A good example of this is our No Noise Abdominal Wheel With Mat – got to protect those precious knees!

Even moderate exercise can contribute to improving our memory and cognitive function.  The spin-off from exercise is that we tend to sleep more restoratively which in turn can help us deal better with stress, increase our confidence, boost our motivational energy levels, and overall, just feel happier.  Overall mentally, we quite often feel so good after exercising because our brain has released our happy hormone – endorphins – which assists in fighting stress and helping with depression and anxiety symptoms!

Grovit has a great range of equipment to start experiencing even some of the benefits mentioned above.  All equipment mentioned above is available at our online Grovit store. Have a good look around our store for many more products to complement your exercise regime.  We all deserve to live a happier, healthier life!