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October 03, 2018 2 min read

Reusable“able to be used again, or more than once”(Online Dictionary).  This has become a global responsibility and if each of us think about how we use things, how we dispose of them, and the materials they are made of, we can all collectively make a positive difference to the environment.  Adopting reusable goods and materials reduces such a strain on our valuable resources, such as fuel, forests and water supplies, reduces air and water pollution, and helps protect our wildlife. They sound like fairly valid reasons for reusables to me.

It makes sense that the most effective way to reduce waste is not create it in the first place. Think about the process of creating a product.  The amount of energy and raw materials that can be dug up from the earth, the materials used for packaging the product, and finally the transport used (road, rail, sea or air) to get them to quite often, a global destination.  

Therefore, the best solution for moving forward is to reuse to care for our environment and save money.  

Sourcing good quality reusable products is important in supporting the environment.  Take the Grovit Wheat Store Coffee Mug. It’s perfect for a tea or coffee take-out, for your office oreven when walking.  It’s made of biodegradable wheat straw, doesn't contain any harmful or toxic material, eco-friendly and healthy.

With coffee being so popular, we also stock ourCollapsible Coffee Cup which is made of food grade silicone, is non-toxic, does not smell, and is safe for human body.  It is not only reusable, it also takes up very little space in a bag, backpack, or suitcase.  The design of the collapsible coffee cup gives no excuses to say it doesn’t fit in a bag as it has a folding body and a leak resistant lid!

Another product is our eco-friendly natural bamboo toothbrush for your oral hygiene.  It’s made of eco-friendly material, durable with a bamboo charcoal bristle.

We have the reusable stainless-steel water bottle,perfect for anyone on the go. From exercise, yoga or to work, this bottle has a leak-proof lid so there’s no need to worry about spillage.

Another popular product we stock are our reusable organic bamboo straws. Instead of landfill with plastic straws, I much prefer being able to reuse them over and over and save money!  Reusing our bamboo straws just involves simply rinsing them out after every use, or if you’ve had a smoothie, you might use a cleaning brush. Bonus - they are also dishwasher friendly.

Overall, the values of the GROVITfamily are to ensure no carbon footprint impacts our planet, that we encourage and continue to grow a sustainable environment while paying careful attention to using recycled materials.

To see what else we have in ourReusable section, simply go to our online Grovit shop and whatever you choose to buy, remember you are making a great contribution to our planet!