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Hollow High-Density Foam Roller 33CM

Our special trigger point floating design can help prevent muscle injury and hit your trigger points, which is great for Physical therapy, before or after yoga, pilates, stretching exercise and massage therapy.

And also be used for myofascial release, muscles tension and soreness. Increasing blood flow and circulation of the soft tissue, back roller, leg roller, waist roller.



  • High-density speckled foam roller with moulded edges
  • Ideal for balance, strengthening, flexibility, and rehab exercises
  • Made from EPP to maintain comfortable
  • Lightweight, easy to clean and transport
  • Measures approximately 13 x 6 x 6 inches (L x W x H)
  • Maintains shape after moderate to heavy use and is perfect for all body types
  • Size:33*14*14cm
  • Weight:160g
  • Material:EPP