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Trigger Point Massage Roller Stick

Who for?

Perfect for athletes, runners, gym rolling, sprinters, elite fitness, marathons or even beginner athletes.  Perfect for your workout routine, before warm up/prepare for exercise during relieve cramps and tightness


Designed to reduce muscle tightness, soreness, and pain after activity. To aid stretching and releasing muscle and tendon tissue for prevention and prediction of injures.

Deep tissue stimulation helps maximise muscle performance, flexibility and power. Convex massager head, highly recommended by Athletes, Personal Trainers, Physical Therapist.

Immediate relief: Delivers fast and effective results

Can be used anywhere: Perfect for travel, in the office or at home (44cm)

Use the environmental protection material

It can eliminate fat and lose weight if keep long-term use

How to use?

Whole body massager: Use on back, leg, arm, shoulders, feet,  shoulder, waist, hip, leg, neck and more

The hardness of the stick is adjustable